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ZorZanaat is a production company that specializes in interactive software based TV programmes. The employees are experienced in developing TV formats using Transmedia and Crossmedia applications.

ZorZanaat / TRT Kids co-production Tilki has been nominated for 2011 International Digital Emmy's in Children and Youth category and is the first Turkish production to be nominated.

ZorZanaat continues its services in different areas like commercials, games, virtual studio designs and illustration while focusing in the innovative format production which it specializes.

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ID Branding Project & Format Development Software & Interactivity Character Design

Model & Rig Animation Commercial Presentation Film
Title Video Jingle & Theme Songs Virtual Studio Design Illustration

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Living Adventure

A story book written by children comes to life as a cartoon in TRT Kids. The story written online throughout the day is aired as an animation in the same day. Whoever has the strongest pen decides the destiny of Fatih, our hero. The project that started on January 2012 and keeps growing since.


The first production from Turkey to be nominated in Emmy's. Cunning Tilki(Fox), prepares a different game each week by hiding his chests on a map in its website and tells children the story of a historical or current event or a famous person. New clues awaits the kids every night on TRT Kids.

Cartoon Machine

The kids draw and the Machine converts the drawings to cartoons! The machine that has been working non stop since 2010, has turned hundreds of drawing to animation. The drawings on both web and paper are chosen and aired on TRT Kids after they are converted to animations.

Stick Man

The flattest hero of TV, plays a word game on the live show in TRT Kids. The player connects to show with phone and gets Stick Man to the other side of the river by guessing the words. Stick Man aims to improve vocabulary of kids and tries to uncover words or idioms long forgotten.

TRT Kids ID Branding

The letters “Ç” and “o” in TRT Kids (TRT Çocuk) turn into a different “kid world” for each ID brand. Each video is designed as a world that will create a connotation with the content while following a short trajectory.

Off-Road Racer

An interactive car racing show aired live in TRT Kids, that kids try to beat each others time by driving a car with phone. Being aired since 2010, the show has sent countless presents to the kids throughout the country.


The longest aired interactive kids competition program in Turkey, Kasaba, started airing in TRT 1 in 2002. Since the founding of TRT Kids, it has continued its life in that channel.

ITU Istiklal Project

Martı – ITU: The first hydrogen boat of Turkey. The presentation video has been prepared by ZorZanaat as a part of sponsorship. ZorZanaat will continue participating in social responsibility projects as much as it can.

Berf Commercial

3D visual effects and logo animations are prepared by ZorZanaat.

Çizgili Program

Everything about caricatures and caricaturists are in this program. Character design, title video and graphics in program aired in TRT School are prepared by ZorZanaat.

Aslan Cement

Character design prepared for Oyak Aslan Cement.

Virtual Studio Design

ZorZanaat has produced many creative virtual studio applications for TRT Kids using one of the world leading products in this field, ORAD Virtual Systems. Cooperation with Alen Electronics, Turkey distributor of ORAD is still continued.

Wizard of Oz Background Projection

The background projection design prepared for video projection used in the play “Wizard of Oz” staged by Samsun Devlet Opera ve Bale.

Bilfen Interactive CD

The interactive education CD prepared for Bilfen Publishing. The CD, prepared with Bilfen to teach reading contains special tales for each letter in alphabet and a short cartoon where the story is animated.

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